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Life Force Foods of the Ancients


Heart Expansion

from our Healing

Raw, Vegan & Organic

Living Foods!

Pure Love

What makes Divine Light Veganics unique?

In every step of the creating, handcrafting & growing process… from the sourcing of raw high quality, nutrient-dense, vegan, organic, sustainable & heirloom ingredients, to infusing our products with the highest intent of love & peace with 432hz & 528hz frequencies

Divine Light Veganics’ promise to you is that PURE LOVE is always present in our creations through the power of PURE INTENTION!

Divine Light

What will be your experience?

Love, warmth & joy of connectedness… the opportunities are endless with our unique handcrafted creations. We pour PURE LOVE & DIVINE LIGHT into every single detail (small to large) that goes into our creations & most importantly, what you experience!

Divine Light is the radiance of the heart, soul & mind connection; an out-of-this-world yet ever-present blissful experience.

Pure pleasure, NO guilt!

Only Divine LOVE & LIGHT.


Fall in love with our high vibrational

Raw Veganic

Handcrafted Artisan

Stoneground Chocolates

created with 24k GOLD,

432hz + 528hz frequencies & lots of LOVE!


Revive your health & vitality with our

high vibrational & nutrient-dense

Veganic Ancient


Sprouts & Microgreens

grown with crystal-infused plasma water,

432hz + 528hz frequencies & lots of LOVE!


Get Our Insight &

Recipe Book!

Featuring popular Divine Light

Veganics heirloom veganic microgreens

used in simple raw vegan recipes,

in-depth health benefits & much more!

By Our Founder, Kailei Malauskas

Custom Order

Want a Custom Order of our Vegan & Organic

Ancient Heirloom Sprouts, Microgreens or

Raw Chocolate? Contact us & we will grow/

craft creations specially for you!

*Customers out of Illinois may experience

some restrictions on certain varieties.

Name *
What custom creations are you interested in?
Location used to determine restrictions. We don't ship specialty microgreens at this time.

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