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Experience Life Force Energy


Heart Expansion

from our Healing

Life Force Creations!

Pure Love

What makes Divine Light Veganics unique?

In every step of the creating, handcrafting (raw chocolates & orgonite) & growing process (microgreen & sprouts)… from the sourcing of raw high quality, nutrient-dense, vegan, organic, sustainable & heirloom ingredients, to infusing our products with the highest intent of love & peace with 432hz & 528hz frequencies

Divine Light Veganics’ promise to you is that PURE LOVE is always present in our creations through the power of the pure intention: for the highest & greatest good of all.

Divine Light

What will be your experience?

Love, warmth & joy of connectedness… the opportunities are endless with our unique handcrafted creations. We pour PURE LOVE & DIVINE LIGHT into every single detail (small to large) that goes into our creations & most importantly, what you experience!

Divine Light is the radiance of the heart, soul & mind connection; an out-of-this-world yet ever-present blissful experience.

Pure pleasure, NO guilt!

Only Divine LOVE & LIGHT.


Fall in love with our high vibrational

Raw Veganic

Handcrafted Artisan

Stoneground Chocolates

created with 24k GOLD,

432hz + 528hz frequencies & lots of LOVE!


Revive your health & vitality with our

high vibrational & nutrient-dense

Veganic Ancient


Sprouts & Microgreens

grown with crystal-infused plasma water,

432hz + 528hz frequencies & lots of LOVE!


Get Our Insight &

Recipe Book!

Featuring popular Divine Light

Veganics heirloom veganic microgreens

used in simple raw vegan recipes,

in-depth health benefits & much more!

By Our Founder, Kailei Malauskas

Custom Order

Want a Custom Order of our Vegan & Organic

Ancient Heirloom Sprouts, Microgreens or

Raw Chocolate? Contact us & we will grow/

craft creations specially for you!

*Customers out of Illinois may experience

some restrictions on certain varieties.

Name *
What custom creations are you interested in?
Location used to determine restrictions. We don't ship specialty microgreens at this time.

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