Top 5 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day in 2019

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it. If you’re like me, life passes you by before you realize you still need to find that perfect gift for that special someone.. or maybe treat yourself, or BOTH?!

Who doesn’t love some delicious, healthy, LOW SUGAR Raw Vegan Chocolate?! With only 1-2g of sugar per piece, our gourmet, handcrafted, unique chocolates are the heavenly cross between divine & delicious!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect heart shaped chocolate candy for your significant other, a healthy chocolate bar for daily guilt-free indulging or some real self love, these RAW & amazingly beautiful chocolates are sure to please every time, without leaving you feeling heavy or buzzed with sugar!

All vegan, organic & wildcrafted ingredients, no animals harmed in the making! You can read about all the ingredients we use, as well as our unique high vibration crafting process with 432hz & 528hz frequencies here.

Now for our top 5 best chocolates for Valentine’s Day — the perfect gift ideas for your girlfriend, best friend, daughter, mom, aunt, sister, lover, significant other, wife, YOU… (pretty much everyone)!


Experience Nurturing Nirvana… A flavor that’ll warm your heart & soul while uplifting you to the purest of bliss! Featuring Wildcrafted Belgium Rose, Strawberry & Madagascar Vanilla Bean in Raw Dark Chocolate Dusted with 24K Gold!


Experience Tantric Rose… An enchanting flavor that expands the heart space to welcome life's most precious gift: love! Featuring Strawberry, Ground Rose Hip & Madagascar Vanilla Bean in Raw Dark Chocolate Dusted with 24K Gold!


Experience Pure Love… A stunning flavor of heart warming radiance that will have you emanating at the highest vibration! Featuring Wildcrafted Belgium Rose, Criollo Cacao Nibs & Madagascar Vanilla Bean in Raw Mylk Chocolate Dusted with 24K Gold!


Experience a Heart of Gold… Rich & creamy intertwine for a heavenly experience like no other on Earth! Featuring Stoneground, Sprouted Heirloom Almond Butter Filled Raw Dark Chocolates Dusted with 24K Gold & the option of Pink Himalayan Salt!


Experience Radiant Raspberry… The perfect combination of sweet & tart burst on your palette for a vibrant sensation like no other! Featuring Wild Red Raspberries in Raw Dark Chocolate Dusted with Pink Himalayan Salt & 24K Gold!

Well there you have it! The perfect guilt-free treats to treat yourself & loved ones this Valentine’s (or really any occasion)! We love these, especially for their brilliant flavors & beautiful red-pink colors. Besides, who doesn’t love heart shaped chocolate candy, especially when it comes in a cute eco-friendly box!

With our handcrafted, high vibrational, divine raw vegan chocolates, your Valentine’s Day gift won’t disappoint! We have the perfect chocolate bars & Valentine chocolate candy to satisfy your sweet tooth, packed with added nutrition!

Get yours today to ensure you’ll receive them by Valentine’s Day! We will be taking orders until the 8th!