Microgreens: Insight + Recipes

Microgreens: Insight + Recipes

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A beautifully designed 61 page e-book featuring full page pictures of microgreens so you can experience them up close with all their potent benefits (especially, in how we grow them)! We touch briefly on details of our growing process (more in part 2), simple & easy raw vegan recipes & more! Written by Divine Light Veganics Founder Kailei Malauskas.

Table of Contents:

Micro in Size, Marco in Life

Greenhouse to Plate

Recipes Featuring Microgreens

Basic Elements

Raw Vegan Hawaiian Pizza

Raw Vegan Pasta Marinara

Raw Vegan Bright Light Fruit Smoothie

Raw Vegan Cheesy Herb Ravioli

Raw Vegan Colorful & Lively Sushi

Raw Vegan Down to Earth Burger

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