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Simply outstanding... Divine is the only word to describe this chocolate. I do not eat out often at all anymore or even eat many dishes that I don’t make myself or my love @minder23 makes for us both. I have been on a spiritual plant-based based diet for several years now and as a result, I make all of my own nutrient-dense superfood meals.

This includes everything from sweet snacks to savory dinners, always organic, as raw, and local as possible, always vegan, always blessed. With that, there are a few products I will consume from local producers and superfoods artisans and Divine Light Veganics’ chocolates have now become my absolute favorite!

The amount of #love, care, and overwhelming positive intention infused in these chocolates is honestly refreshing. Being involved in the health food movement for almost 10 years now I can say without any hesitation that all of the methods and ingredients used to make this chocolate are of the highest quality and of course highest vibration. I am not easily won over when it comes to superfood creations but I’m happy to say I am beyond impressed and beyond grateful to Divine Light Veganics for creating such nutrient-dense, flavorful, guilt-free chocolates for all to enjoy.

Foods of this quality are not at all easy to find and this is exactly how foods should be made, by combining the purest ingredients with the purest intention, giving way to #divine results. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! As always much love!
— Jonathan McNally, CO, USA
Photo by Jonathan McNally, CO, USA
24K GOLD Organic Vegan Fair Trade Chocolate charged with 432HZ Vibes? Amazing medicinal magnificence and decadence.⠀

Huge shout-out and thanks to Kailei for sending me some powerful vibrational medicine. They arrived in divine time exactly when they could benefit my energetic field most. She clearly and intentionally handcrafts these beauties with #miracle #healing sound frequencies and positive energy which helps us attune to nature’s magic when we eat them.⠀

You can truly taste the deliberate creation put forth in them as well as the unconditional love that it manifests from since the person making them is awakening and purposefully making these chocolates for the healing and upliftment of our collective consciousness! ☮️⠀

Do yourself and your loved ones a service and order some. Ships worldwide. Thank you thank you thank you.

Blessings of sacred cacao medicine.
— Elmar A., WA, USA
These jumped out at me as soon as I saw the Instagram page. I wanted to try them, it felt like they were calling me. Receiving these chocolates felt like the magic chocolate used to feel like when you were a kid. The first thing that hits you is the amazing beautiful aroma that travels out of the package as you open it. Immediately gave me good vibes.

I tried a few different flavours. Oh my god. I haven’t tasted chocolate like this before. It melts in the mouth and immediately gives this incredible calming vibe. Everything about it lights up the senses. This is how chocolate should be. I’m so happy with my purchase and can’t wait to see this business go absolutely gangbusters as it deserves to!
— Claire F., VICTORIA, Australia
That golden spark chocolate intrigued me so much as soon as I saw it. I had to taste that absolute goodness. I bought a lot of them ‘cause I wanted to try them all. Folks... best chocolate ever, the perfect treat to make you feel a taste of Heaven on Earth.
— Manuela Casalino, Roma, Italy
I am a weirdo and have hated chocolate my whole life. Yes. And I still hate coffee too but Divine Light Veganics chocolates have changed my tune. I remember the first time I tried one in a seminar just as a wing it situation and I had to stop and say woooooowww. I hate chocolate but these are amazing. I’ve gifted them to many people and have gotten so much appraisal. I love how they’re infused with certain frequencies as well. Above and beyond for sure. Thank you for being you.
— Brittney Lanosga, IL, USA
Kailei’s chocolates are incredible. I don’t know how she makes them so rich and delicious without using butter or cream. But they are the finest tasting chocolates I’ve ever had. They are also highly nutritious and environmentally friendly as everything is produced to the highest ethical standards. In addition, she has a very powerful positive energy and a kind heart that she uses to bless every chocolate. I speak to her about my spiritual and emotional vulnerabilities and goals before placing each order and she infuses them with her healing intentions. The pranic energy is palpable in every bite and the intentions work. It’s like a mini-reiki session contained in every delicious bar. I highly recommend Kailei’s chocolates to anyone!
— Rajeev Kumar, IL, USA
It’s rare to find great quality chocolate and excellent service wrapped into one convenient package, but you can expect nothing less from Divine Light Veganics.

You can taste the hard work, care, and freshness in every bite. These chocolates taste locally made; a quality I did not even know was possible from chocolate. I didn’t even know I needed vegan chocolate in my life until I tried Divine Light Veganics!

Every flavor is incredibly rich and creamy, you will forget you’re eating vegan chocolate! There’s no other vegan chocolate out there like this. Actually, there isn’t any milk chocolate out there like this either.

Divine Light Veganics is powerful. Their message and their chocolate are empowering pieces of work.
— Steve R., IL, USA
Kailei, founder of Divine Light Veganics, has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of nutrition, like cleansing the body in preparation for full absorption of the amazing Veganics she grows in her own greenhouse. Very attentive, always on time with delivery, a true guiding light in her field. A complete pleasure to inquire about the reconstruction of a strong healthy body and a true entrepreneur who cares deeply about her customers. Thank you for all your help and wisdom.
— Peter Jon Meyers, IL, USA
The moment I tasted their first product, I knew that I had to try each variety of microgreens that was available. I recall my favorite varieties being the spicy mix, mustard, and leeks. If you enjoy spicy microgreens and sprouts like I do you will absolutely love the last three I mentioned. Also, her sesame sprouts (custom order) are the perfect addition to any tahini recipe. Now as far as chocolate-making goes, her chocolate is second to none. You can honestly feel the enrichment of your whole quality of being, and the fact that it is all raw coincides with my mostly raw vegan lifestyle. In lieu of also adding gold to her product, she has transformed it into the richest chocolate that I have had the pleasure of tasting. Thank you for all your hard work, Divine Lights Veganics is a true godsend!
— Erik Hedberg, IL, USA
I have been a fan of Kailei’s Divine Light Veganics products since inception and a customer since her first growing season. Kailei’s Divine Light Veganics microgreens are grown with the same love and light as given by Nature itself. Kailei’s attention to detail with her Divine Light Veganics organic and vegan products is phenomenal. As a prospective customer, you can trust in her ability to supply and deliver high quality microgreens and chocolate that absolutely delight your senses.
— Rose C. (An Extremely Satisfied Customer & Avid Fan), IL, USA
I’ve never had the experience that I have when I eat Kailei’s chocolates. What is so special about Kailei’s chocolates is they taste real. Nothing tastes artificial about them. It’s like if you grew the chocolates on a farm, what you get are chocolates straight from the earth. There is nothing added, like perservatives or artificial thickeners. I actually taste every flavor that’s listed on the packaging. Kailei really cares that people have an access to being healthy and conscious of the environment and animal’s lives. What we get with Kailei’s chocolates is not only a real, unique, and amazing flavor, but also a holistic impact, that invites us to see we can eat chocolates that can benefit our bodies and our overall health.
— Alex Pappas, IL, USA
I’ve been purchasing microgreens and sprouts from Divine Light Veganics for 2 years, and I am always impressed by the quality. Everything is fresh, delicious and grown with care.

I recently tried the raw chocolates and they are AMAZING! When you open the package, the aroma alone is to die for, but then you have a taste and WOW! The flavors are superb. These chocolates are not just a treat, they are an experience, and besides all that, guilt FREE thanks to the healthy ingredients.
— Denise L. (A customer for life), IL, USA
Kailei’s raw vegan chocolate is the epitome of pure cacao in its essence. The basic micronutrients are essential to your body, and if you don’t know the difference, you’ll feel it in bites. Theres a certain existential thing that comes over you when consuming them that creates an adaptogenic state that makes everything more comparable.
— Shawn Kinnear, CO, USA
The chocolates Kailei has carefully crafted for Divine Light Veganics are genuinely outstanding. You’d be hard-pressed to find not only raw vegan chocolates, but any chocolates, with such perfectly balanced flavors and textures. The flavors are fun, creative, and some of my favorite chocolates I’ve ever tried. They are a healthier, more flavorful, and unique alternative to your standard, mass-produced chocolates.
— Diana Peters, IL, USA
Divine Light Veganics! My only destination when craving for raw vegan chocolates. Their unique selection of authentic artisan-crafted pieces of chocolate is truly a delight. Outstanding products and superb service!
— Kade K. (Chocolate Lover), IL, USA
The craftsmanship and care put into these chocolates really shines through. The myriad of delicious and unique flavors will definitely keep me coming back for more!
— Tytus S., IL, USA
We were blessed to receive this wonderful treat as a Christmas gift. First taste is like nothing else you have ever experienced. We savored the taste of the raw dark chocolate, with the raspberry flavor bursting in our mouths. This is like nothing else we have ever eaten. A small amount is very satisfying and will let us enjoy it again tomorrow. Thank you, Kailei, for this special holiday gift! You truly have an art for creating wonderful chocolates!
— Kris Malone, OH, USA
Kailei introduced me to the world of microgreens that I did not even know existed! I fell in love with how easy and inexpensive it was to get such nutrient dense greens. I add them to basically everything. Along with that, Kailei offers some of the best vegan chocolates I’ve ever tried and they are always guilt-free!
— Zoe Rose Malcontento, IL, USA
The first time I had microgreens from Divine Light Veganics was from a sample of Calabrese Broccoli and Shanghai Baby Pak Choi, and I remember that their taste lived up to the name right from the start! I swear I could taste the Divine Light. When I started adding more microgreens to my diet, it was during the time I had a winter cough that I couldn’t seem to shake. After a few days, miraculously, I had stopped coughing, and I absolutely attribute it to all the fresh, lovingly-grown vitamins and nutrients from Divine Light Veganics. I would most definitely consider my choice to try microgreens a wonderful new way to love myself. Kailei has been such a pleasure to talk to about veganics in general, and she is so incredibly knowledgeable about what goes into growing one’s own food all-naturally and with such devotion. She answered all of my questions so graciously, and I would happily recommend to Divine Light Veganics to anyone and everyone I know! Whether you’re considering going vegan or are a full-time carnivore, these microgreens will be a wonderful addition to any diet.
— Erin Keegan, IL, USA
These chocolates are DIVINE! Unlike most chocolates or sweets, these satiate my sweet tooth without feeling heavy or guilty. I feel light, happy, and energetic after eating them. The flavors are all so unique and exquisite. These treats are like rainbows of blessings!
— Grace K., IL, USA
I love Divine Light Veganics, from spouted almonds to living greens and raw chocolates... all are so delicious! Divine Light Veganics has a wonderful personable approach that goes above and beyond customer expectations with goods handmade and delivered. I am a happy returning customer and highly recommend trying all of their great products offered!
— Carla Martinez, IL, USA
Divine Light Veganics chocolates are delicious, nutritious and are hand crafted with care by the passionate and dedicated owner, Kailei! Treat yourself to a piece of heaven by trying out the best flavors they have to offer!! My favorite was Nurturing Nirvana Dark Chocolate.
— Nicole G., IL, USA
Kailei, founder of Divine Light Veganics, puts so much love and good energy into everything she does. That’s something that really transfers into her products. The greens she grows are much more fresh and vibrant than store bought. I always enjoyed her thoughtful little samples she adds to every order (local delivery).
— Jorie K., IL, USA
This is amazing chocolate. Creatively crafted with love that you can feel in every bite. It actually makes you feel better, like chocolate is supposed to do!
— Marilyn M., IL, USA
Kailei’s organic raw vegan chocolates are amazing. I have never tasted anything quite like them! They’re addictive (in a good way) and so delicious! I am a true chocolate lover & her chocolates are truly a piece of heaven. There’s nothing like it on the market!
— Lucia Maldonado, IL, USA
They were truly delicious. I savored every bite.
— Zennon K., IL, USA
Kailei’s chocolates are an orgasmic experience. It doesn’t matter what flavor I eat, my mouth, heart and soul rejoice! I am in love with the beauty of these handcrafted jewels. Thank you, Kailei for creating magic for me and the world to enjoy.
— Maritza Jacqueline Arredondo, IL, USA
I love Kailei’s homegrown greens! The sprouts are always fresh and full of flavor. I never knew that there could be such a variety of sprouts available and tastes to add to my salads and smoothies. I know how much research, planning, care and especially love she puts into the whole process. Her raw creations are delicious and definitely a treat to enjoy!
— Chris Romy, IL, USA
This product is: when good flavor meets healthy nutrition as a creative mix.

I absolute loved all the flavors! They were tasty and were really good quality chocolate. The flavors are unique and delicious combinations.
— Nick Newell, IL, USA
So happy to have found this website. The chocolate is absolutely delicious! Customer service was great and shipping was super fast. I can’t wait to try some of the greens! I can’t say enough great things about the experience. 💗
— Jennifer M., NJ, IL
Kailei provides some of the best customer service you’ll ever have. She strives to work individual needs and wants, working hard to produce amazing chocolates and micro greens for her customers! Her chocolates are amazingly tasty and range from all sorts of flavors (my favorites being raspberry and lemon mylk ones, even her dark mylk chocolate is beyond amazing and in general I’m not a fan of dark chocolate). I assure that you won’t be disappointed with her service and products!! Absolutely phenomenal.
— Hanna Ghalyoun, IL, USA
I love Kailei’s raw vegan chocolates! I enjoy trying each new flavor that comes out. They are so flavorful and you only need one small piece to get your chocolate fix. I highly recommend Kailei’s products! Looking forward to seeing new products to come!
— Stacey C., IL, USA

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