About Divine Light



Kailei Malauskas

Founder & Creator

It all started as just a DREAM…

Kailei Malauskas founded Divine Light Veganics in July of 2016, after she acknowledged the detrimental reality of modern day industrialized food. She became inspired to create a transformation in the way food was grown, crafted & created for the consumer (in every step of the process) & create alternatives to foods grown in unhappy, unnatural & unsustainable conditions.

Kailei soon birthed a new found passion & heartfelt joy in growing her own food through own unique methods: high vibrational frequencies, crystal-infused oceanic plasma water and only certified organic heirloom seeds, veganic soil, sunlight whenever possible, a greenhouse seasonally for optimal protection from toxins & chemicals, & of course… PURE LOVE! She programs the highest intent of love & peace with 432hz + 532hz frequencies through crystal-infused oceanic plasma water, an ancient abundant energy technique that she has mastered, allowing plants to thrive in their environment & to raise the vibration of both the plant & consumer through connected Consciousness!

Even when she first started, the brilliant flavors, potent nutrients, loving energy & liveliness from the plants she grew was undeniable, by not only her, but her family & friends. She felt destined to start sharing her abundance with everyone she could! Through experimenting with the most pure veganic practices & tasting the blaring difference, Kailei knew that her mission here on Earth would be to provide humanity with the most natural & lovingly grown, potent, living foods! To share here creations with ALL humanity is her ultimate dream; to allow every individual to connect to the source of Creation through the purest form–unaltered heirloom ingredients, brought to life with high vibrational growing methods for extreme freshness, life force & potency, in nutrients, flavor & connectedness to Mother Earth!

No longer blinded by food-based fictions, Kailei set out on fulfilling her dream to make Divine Light Veganics’ creating, handcrafting & growing process not only of high vibration & purity, but one of the most sustainable–giving back to the Earth & respecting the harmonies of all life, offering humanity a powerful alternative to the current intensive & destructive practice of monocropping used today. Instead, Divine Light Veganics focuses on diversifying our food supply by growing sprouts & microgreens as a functional living food source: LESS time & space... MORE potency in flavor & nutrients!

Kailei started Divine Light Veganics by combining her passions for all beings: humans, plants & animals, as well as her love for design & technology, to make a real difference in not only the food available to humanity & how it's grown, but in how it affects our energetic bodies at the most fundamental level. More specifically, through ancient Aryuvedic practices where food is viewed from an energetic perspective: food as medicine used in holistic healing. She is also an intuitive channeler of the Divine and connects deeply to plant, crystal & animal Spirits where she attributes her aspiration to start Divine Light Veganics & dive into means of esoteric healing. She has rooted her compassion in peace and love for ALL beings on Earth, being a vegetarian since the age of 11. Now a compassionate vegan, she has developed her passions in loving & caring for Mother Earth & all of her inhabitants, especially since founding Empathy For Animals, an animal rights blog that shares insights & knowledge on how to go plant-based from the Standard American Diet. She has also experimented with many health & lifestyle transformations, specifically through overall body detoxification from the SAD diet of processed, cooked & unnatural foods that today's modern world is consisted of.

Being a Graphic Designer, she is passionate about creating the reality of her dreams, as well as helping others do the same! She has studied design for 4 years at University of Illinois at Chicago which has further allowed her to become the Creator of her own unique vision & life; by going back to the roots of our ancestors and reconnecting to the natural forces of the Universe & the source of all Creation. She is also a light and energy worker who channels healing vibrations & the highest intent for peace on Earth through radiant & powerful Crystals. She realizes the importance of heartfelt happiness & joy activated through the heart chakra, a pure source of unconditional love & light. Ironically, the vibration of love activated through the heart is just one of many in which her microgreen heirloom varieties helps to emanate within the consumer!

Kailei started Divine Light Veganics by introducing microgreens & sprouts, but she has expanded her vision and has also taken on introducing her own spin on chocolates–handcrafting Raw Veganic 24K Gold Chocolates using only raw ancient ingredients & infusing them with 432hz + 528hz frequencies! Learn more about her ingredients, process, or creations!