The Magic Behind Our

Creations & Process

432hz + 528hz Frequencies

We use quantum physics to infuse our plants & chocolate with 432hz, the frequency in which DNA replicates & 528hz, the LOVE/miracle frequency, & the intent of love & healing during the growing & crafting process. The purpose? To benefit all chakras, promote peace, realization and tranquility in the body, open the heart chakra for spiritual development and unlock the magnificence of the 3-6-9 sequence that is fundamental to the energy of the Universe! 432hz is the frequency most beneficial for healing on every level and unlocks the mysteries of the Universe on the level of consciousness by accelerating spiritual and mental development!  

Now imagine if the food we ate was infused with pure love, combined with ancient ingredients as true as possible in source: vegan, organic & heirloom! No hybrids, GMOs, pesticides, herbicides or animal products/by-products. Introducing Divine Light Veganics… feel at home within your body while connecting to the Universe! A truly Divine experience, where heart & soul unite!

About our Chocolate

We use raw organic heirloom fair-trade cacao Peru! In it’s pure and raw form, cacao contains anandamide, known as the love/bliss molecule, a powerful medicine that opens the heart and teaches us compassion, love and oneness with all that is. It works on all chakras, from root to crown! It’s one of the best sources of antioxidants, magnesium and minerals, while boosting brain function and energy levels, slows the aging process, eases PMS and elevates the mood by increasing serotonin. The Aztecs called it “the Food of the Gods.” And in it’s raw natural form, you will experience that it truly is heavenly & divine!

About our Sprouts &


Our microgreens are grown seasonally in a greenhouse with only the highest love & natural sunlight when possible! We only source from certified organic & heirloom seeds as well as certified OMRI organic vegan-friendly soil. Meaning, our microgreens contain no trace of animal products or by-products in the soil or plant nutrients. Only heirloom seeds are used; no hybrids or man-adultered materials so you can reconnect with nature and enjoy the nutritional benefits of our ancestors!

Consuming these tiny greens at this early stage allows for their potent nutritional & healing properties to more easily assimilate into your body, the way nature intended! Their brilliant colors, intense flavors & pure genetic structures will lift your Spirit & bring your body into balance by connecting you to the natural forces of Life.

We mimic the Earth's natural, powerful cultivation technique for optimal sustainability, and so you can experience the harmonious essence of all the natural forces: the Sun, Earth, Moon, Water & Air; to gain health & vitality, through Divine Light Veganics sprouts & microgreens!